The Animatronics Workshop is an on-going experiment to have kids create complete robotic shows! In this site, you will find lots of information that will help you create your own animatronic shows, or better yet, start your own animatronics program at your school.

If you are not familiar with animatronics, click here to find out what it’s all about.

If you are an educator and want to know more about the curriculum and the philosophy of the workshop, click here.

Finally, for the rest of you that just want to learn about how to make your own figures, here is a good place to start.



8/11/2014: A big welcome to MakerCamp participants! We’ve been working with our friends at Make Magazine to create a single day animatronics experience as part of this year’s MakerCamp. Our project will take place 8/14/2014. You can read much more about it here.

5/31/2014: Arduinos are ubiquitous. Did you know that you can use them with VSA as a servo controller? Check out this new page for how to do it!

9/22/2013: Thanks to everyone who visited us at World Maker Faire! And thanks to the editors at Make Magazine for the Editor’s Choice Ribbon!

9/21/2013: Trinity Valley School demonstrates Animatronics at World Maker Faire New York, September 21 & 22 2013, New York Hall of Science.

9/20/2013: Added video of Trinity Valley School’s “The Great Escape” here.

7/4/2013: Trinity Valley School, Fort Worth TX, held a 3-day, intensive workshop with 14 high schoolers.

5/13/2013: The site has moved to WordPress! Stay tuned for lots of updates…